• LG Life is Good

  • PureGen is very excited  to announce that we have today been appointed as an authorised LG Dealer.

    This appointment is recognition that PureGen has maintained the highest level of professionalism in our business for nearly 10 years and can comfortably comply and exceed the stringent LG code of conduct. 

    Although PureGen has been offering LG panels as our premium configuration, we now have the added support of both LG and the benefits of the dealer network.  


    Dear PureGen, 

    As a dealer of solar panels we know you appreciate the value that quality products bring to both you and your clients. Which is why at LG we’re committed to innovation that supplies you with some of the best performing solar panels in the market.

    LG NeON2 and the Mono X range have the ability to generate more power than standard solar panels. These panels have a number of power generating features that has led them to win prestigious international awards. In the local Australian tests, our solar panels distinguish themselves by delivering 3% to 10% more energy on a kW per kW basis, compared to those of our key competitors. Many people wonder how we manage to achieve this. In this letter we are pleased to share with you some of the key insights, features and information on how we do it.

    1. 12 wire bus-bars (“CELLO” Technology Increases Power)  with LG NeON 2

    The LG “CELLO”  Multi wire busbar cell technology lowers electrical resistance and increases panel efficiency, giving more power per panel and providing a more uniform look to the panel. In 2015 LG won the Intersolar Award in Germany for this innovation.

    YOUR BENEFIT: Higher electricity output than most conventional panels in all weather conditions and latest technology ensures your panel stays relevant in future years.

    1. Proven field performance

    LG and other companies, including consumer organisation Choice with the help of the CSIRO have been involved in a number of comparison tests of the LG modules against many other brand panels. LG Mono X and NeON2 panels are consistently one of the highest performing panels in these tests. In the Choice test conducted between October 2015 and February 2016 the LG NeON 300W won against 14 competitors as the highest output per watt panel.

    YOUR BENEFIT: Improved performance in all weather conditions. 

    1. Lower degradation than industry standard

    Over time solar panels lose production capacity. LG has reduced the initial degradation of our Mono X panels by applying our new LiLy (LID[Light Induced Degradation] Improvement for Lifetime Yield) Technology, which controls the reaction of Boron and Oxygen, a key factor in light induced degradation (LID). The NeON2 also has very low Light Induced degradation, due to the use of N type treatment of the cells which uses phosphorous as a replacement for Boron.

    YOUR BENEFIT: Less reduction of electricity production capacity than conventional panels as the panel ages.

    1. Improved High Temperature Performance

    Solar panels slowly lose ability to generate power with increase in temperature. LG Mono X2 and NeON2 have one of the best temperature performance characteristics, which means even in very high temperatures our panels will deliver higher output than most standard panels.

    YOUR BENEFIT: Better performance on hot days than most conventional panels means more power generates to use to run air-conditioning, pool pumps and fans for example. 

    Reasons why your sales will shine with LG solar panels

    Overall the solar industry is going through a period of consolidation and it is expected that some of the current panel offerings in Australia will consolidate and leave the market. So the question is – which panel do I pick for my long term warranty. 

    LG has been manufacturing electrical goods since 1958 and has one of most stringent quality control procedures when manufacturing their solar cells and solar modules.

    LG has been in solar research since the mid 1980s.  Module production started in 2010 and current capacity is 1400 MW with plans for 4 Gigawatt capacity within the next 2 years. The manufacturing process is vertically integrated and this means that LG undertakes and controls from silicon wafer processing to manufacturing the cells and the finished solar panels. Over 500 quality control processes are being managed to build the modules within LG owned factories.

    LG Electronics has offices in over 100 countries including USA, Japan, China, India, Australia and New Zealand. In Australia they have offices in every mainland city and the solar unit is based in Sydney. 

    Since 2011 LG solar has distributed more than 100MW of panels in Australia being more than 350 000 panels to Australian customers with only 2 panels being returned. LG has its own state-of-the-art intensive panel testing laboratory certified by four international leading testing organisations (TÜV, IEC, Intertek and UL) as testing under world class conditions. To date, LG is the only solar manufacturer so far who has obtained this four way top certification and their testing facilities are some of the world’s best. 

    In order to be sold in Australia solar modules must pass the IEC longevity tests. LG solar panels are tested in their internal testing laboratory to a level that is at least double the IEC  (International Solar testing Standard) time and/or test cycles, helping ensure a very robust and long lasting solar module.

    LG solar panels are manufactured in a fully automated manufacturing facility in Gumi, South Korea and come with a 12 year parts and labour product warranty and 25 year performance warranty held here in Australia by LG Electronics Australia Pty Ltd. This is 2 years longer product warranty than industry standard.

    The LG NeON 2 and Mono X solar module range offers excellent performance from low light to peak sun.  The new, premium 320W NeON2 panels are LG’s most efficient solar panel, optimising roof space and producing more electricity than standard crystalline panels. The LG NeON range won the Intersolar Award in Europe for innovation in 2013, 2015 and 2016, as well as a range of other international awards, including Top Brand, Europe and Australia in 2016.

    Choosing the premium and efficient panels by LG, can over the years save you money on your electricity bills LG panels not only generate solid electricity output, but with their black anodised frame and 12 wire busbars also win in stylish appearance.

    So if you are seeking to supply a world class quality solar product that provides customer satisfaction,  LG panels are the right choice for you.

    Kind regards
    Markus Lambert
    National Sales Manager, LG Energy Solutions & Solar
    markus.lambert@lge.com T: (02) 8805 4038


    • Tests Facility: Autonomous Energy, Sydney NSW and CSIRO, Newcastle NSW
    • Testing Body: CSIRO (NATA Accredited) and Autonomous Energy
    • Certifying Body: TUV Rheinland qualified Engineer and CSIRO
    • Data Published: Choice Online (Choice.com.au)