• Use it or lose it!

  • Energy Storage has finally arrived.

    After years of anticipation (and marketing over-hype) there is finally a sensible energy solution to store excess solar energy. A fully integrated, safe, modular, high performing home battery solution with an excellent 10 year warranty, from Californian based EnPhase Energy

    With several hundred thousand homes in NSW coming to the end of the generous $0.60 feed-in-tariff, Australia is excitingly the center of global attention for all established renewable energy manufacturers and a plethora of emerging technologies.

    For the past two years, PureGen have been evaluating all the first movers into this emerging market. The early products lacked integration, modularity, simplicity, performance, warranty and were too expensive. In May this year we jumped off the fence and offered EnPhase to all of our installed base (existing solar homes). Our clients were waiting for PureGen to 'pick a winner' and we've had a great response. The results from all of our initial EnPhase installations have exceeded our clients expectations.

    Supporting our own analysis of the available solutions was the recent announcement that EnPhase have increased their forecast for Australia to 70k AC Battery's in the first year.

    If you have a solar system on a Gross FiT, then you do need to act;

    1. Firstly, you'll need to have your electricity meter changed over to a net meter, allowing you to use your own solar energy before gifting the balance to the grid.
    2. Then you need to investigate if storing some of your excess solar energy (to use when you would be paying the highest rates for electricity) makes sense.

    To maximise your investment return PureGen is recommending a staged implementation of Energy Storage. Get started now with a modest battery system, utilise the monitoring (production, consumption and battery performance) and use this data to determine what additional storage might enhance your self-reliance. By staging your implementation across 1-3 years will allow you to take advantage of improved technologies/chemistry and anticipated price reductions.

    This graph shows live monitoring of a typical home where their new batteries are being fully utilised.

    If you'd like to know more about if /when you should be adding energy storage to your home, please visit PureGen.


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